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Blind Tiger Organic Gin


In the 1920’s Prohibition Era, a “Blind Tiger” was an establishment known to illegally sell alcohol, with a focus on celebrating the exciting flavour and taste of liquor cocktails, many of which were Gin based.

Blind Tiger Organic Gin is distilled in small batches and is a complex, yet elegant and aromatic gin made from the finest certified organic botanicals. It is an exotic blend of juniper berries, coriander, angelica root and summer savoury.

Juniper Berry is the core botanical of many Gins and in Blind Tiger provides a backbone of fresh spring forest and citrus notes. Coriander has been selected as it enhances the citrus characters of the juniper and imparts a subtle earthy character whilst the angelica root gives a delightfully aromatic and heady note of musk. Summer savoury completes the botanical mix and contributes a subtle mint like peppery character.

The combination of these herbs creates a London Dry Gin that is a perfect mixer with Tonic or Soda and a great base for one of the hugely popular gin-based cocktails.

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