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ERADUS Awatere Valley Sadie Rosé

750 ml

This elegant Pinot Gris Rose is dedicated to our super lady, Sadie. An elegant pink colour, a fresh and stylish New Zealand Rosé full of red berry flavours, a hint of spice with a mouth-watering finish.

Our vines grow on a slender terrace at the edge of the Awatere River, with a climate and soil structure all of its own. Influenced by a fault line, a river, and the power of the nearby Pacific Ocean, our land is stony and dry, windy and cool, so that our wines have ele- gance, minerality and crisp clean acidity. We let the untamable terroir of the Awatere Valley speak through our vines, creating wines that are the Essence of the Awatere.

AWARDS — 4.5 Stars / 91 Points – Sam Kim Wine Orbit Review

ALC: 13.0%

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