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Jumping Goat Coffee Whisky Liqueur

700 ml

Perfect for a couple of emergency Espresso Quarantini’s before getting dressed up for a big night out on the couch. Just choose from Vodka or Whisky and you’ll look classy in every skype call you take.

Our story begins in Ancient Ethiopia, with a goat herder named Kaldi. His goats loved munchingberries that made them inexplicably jump about. Kaldi accidentally roasted the berries, and BANG, coffee was discovered.

Fast forward a couple thousand years, where a young Kiwi had a dream: to concoct a coffee rich alcoholic elixir that would stick a firecracker up your nether regions. After experimenting with vodka and a secondhand coffee machine, Jumping Goat was born. 100% organic cold brew coffee with spices, spring water and exquisitely pure New Zealand vodka. Shake it, savour it, sip it or shoot it. Hell, we’re not going to tell you how to have a good time. Tomorrow starts tonight. Adventures after dark beckon. Who knows where you’ll end up? Maybe Ancient Ethiopia.


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$NZ 59.99

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