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Panda Organic Gin

500 ml

Panda is a premium gin that is distilled and bottled in Belgium, 100% organic and the first one worldwide to be litchi-based.

Several ingredients compose this gin such as cherry, orange peel, basil, rosemary, chinese badian, juniper berries, litchi and pure water from Hautes Fagnes.

No additives, 0% sugar.

The perfect and savoury harmony of those ingredients give our gin a subtle but strong spirit, mixed with a sober and refine design.
Discover Panda on the rocks, with a tonic or even in a cocktail.

COLOR : A distillate with crystalline reflections.


AROMA : Refreshing and fruity bouquet owes its subtlety and complexity to the secret mix of many spices and herbs selected by hand.


TASTE : Delicate attack with sweetness and lightness evolving towards a warm and fruity blooming.


TASTING : Panda Organic Gin is best enjoyed naturally, so as to unleash the full power of its fragrances, but is also an ideal base for cocktails and the classic gin & tonic.

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