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Pickerings Bauble Gin

6 x 50 ml

Each gin is distilled in our copper pot still Gertrude, hand-crafted using our award-winning gin as a base. Do not leave where children or animals can reach them and do not gift to anyone under the age of 18. Please drink and decorate responsibly.

Christmas Clementine

Tasting Notes: A zesty and sweet gin with vibrant orange citrus notes.

Perfect Serve: Makes a sensationally moreish G&T with star anise and orange zest.

Festive Cranberry

Tasting Notes: Sumptuously fresh and fruity gin with tart red berry notes, balanced with Bombay spice.

Perfect Serve: Serve up a Christmas classic with premium tonic and a fresh lime wheel.

Spiced Pear & Cinnamon 

Tasting Notes: An aromatic blend of warming cinnamon with mouth-watering fresh, ripe pears.

Perfect Service: Serve with a lemon twist and cinnamon stick for a warming winter P&T.

Figgy Pudding

Tasting Notes: a boozy, plump gin full of dried fruits with a toffee and biscuity finish.

Perfect Serve: An indulgent, decadently spiced G&T with a flamed orange zest.

Plum & Ginger 

Tasting Notes: A pink gin with intense notes of ripe, juicy plums and warming ginger spice. Leaves a lingering subtle sweetness on the palate.

The Perfect Serve: A zingy and fresh gin and tonic to be served with a slice of plum and ginger.

Brussels Sprout

We know it sounds bonkers, but the humble sprout delivers a pleasantly sweet, slightly nutty gin, perfect for mixing.

Tasting Notes: don’t let its distinctive “sprouty” nose fool you, our Brussels Sprout gin finishes with a delightfully herbaceous, fresh green pepper twang.

The Perfect Serve: try it neat with foolhardy friends or mix into a savoury style G&T with the addition of a cucumber slice.

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