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Poll+n Gin (New Zealand)

700 ml

The Process

Poll+n gin the antidote to it’s namesake, is a carefully crafted blend of Canadian pure grain alcohol, natural New Zealand artesian water (drawn directly from the aquifer beneath the distillery) and an inspired blend of organic, homegrown and handpicked botanicals both macerated and infused in a copper still which gives poll+n gin it’s rich flavour and smooth finish.

  • Poll+n gin is produced lovingly by hand in small batches designed to preserve the freshness and quality of our ingredients and our customised botanical blend.

  • Poll+n gin contains no sulphites and has a low histamine content, perfect for allergy sufferers. The botanical infusion offering a global tour of senses and some allergy calming additions.

  • Poll+n gin is unique. It has been crafted by gin lovers for gin lovers .

We encourage pairing poll+n gin with good quality (lower sugar) mixers with a fresh herb or citrus garnish or why don’t you customise your own signature cocktails. We would love to hear about them!

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The Idea

ABV- 42%

Our family love to travel and in 2018 we spent a beautiful spring in London.

Despite enjoying nice warm days the London Plane trees were in full bud, playing havoc with our allergies .

One Sunday strolling down Eastbourne Terrace we happened upon a cool little sidewalk cafe .

I convinced my skeptical husband and tolerant mother to try out a theory I had read about years before ‘that maybe a good gin and tonic could ease hay fever symptoms’.

We were served a boutique London made gin paired with one of the new wave tonic waters now available, it was made in a giant coupe glass with ice and a sprig of rosemary, simply delicious!

Two g+t’s later our hay fever symptoms eased… the idea of poll+n gin emerged.

We hope you enjoy our first offering as much as we do!


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