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Ra Nui Toa Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2018


Bargain Price. Limited stock only . Cancelled Export Order.

We are enchanted to offer this deal Sauvignon from a Boutique maker, it was predetermined for an off shore bargain but we snatched it instep! Classic Marlborough Sav with piles of identitysmells of cut grass feijoa and delicious tropical natural product. Beautiflly finished and zippy fresness…killer! Ra Nui wines; “the wine is within the grape” and so we center on the vineyard and the grape, and we develop our wine utilizing the time respected conventions of Sun, Soil and Energy. We are little and centered without limitation, and this permits us the hands on concentrated that as it were a little winemaker can have. Grapes are hand picked within the vineyard and transported coordinate to the vineyard. At the vineyard encourage hand choice takes put disposing of any undesirable natural product some time recently exchanging to the press. We at that point encourage guarantee that we hold all virtue of surface and enhance by entire bunch squeezing for all white wines in arrange to limit skin contact coming about in juice with fine surface and greatest enhance.

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