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700 ml

From wild and beautiful Central Otago, comes New Zealand’s first artisanal wine-based
botanical Aperitivo. Created by Terra Sancta’s resident Witch, Seer and Alchemist, it is
made from the botanicals that surround our Bannockburn vineyards. “Aperitivo” stems
from the Latin word Aperire meaning “to open”. Designed to be consumed at the start
of either lunch or dinner as an Aperitivo, it will open you digestively and socially all
whilst providing a portal – an opening – into our special part of the world – Terra Sancta
in Bannockburn, Central Otago.
Foraged from Terra Sancta’s Bannockburn vineyards and surrounds during our wine
grape harvest, it expresses the character of our special part of the world at our favourite
time of year. From March through to May, botanicals of every kind are collected by the
Terra Sancta team from the vineyard, the banks of the Kawarau River and Central Otago
and stored in our winery in preparation for drying and extraction during spring.

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A result of exploration, experimentation, persistence and alchemy, the path to creation
began in 2017. With careful study and trial of over 30 medicinal and flavorful flowers,
fruits, bark, leaves, roots and seeds, the final secret blend of 16 botanicals was created in
December 2019. Each botanical extraction is prepared from scratch by Terra Sancta
before blending with the wine base. Entirely natural with no added colour. Bottled on
site at Terra Sancta under cork and wax.
Energy. Intensity. Vibrancy. Brilliant red. Captivating perfume. Fresh strawberries,
elderberries, brambles. Herbal notes. Thyme, sage, wormwood. Spicy horopito, tangy
citrus. Perfect balance. Gentle bitterness. Ambrosian finish. Persists. Delicious.
Option 1 – On the Rocks – pour 60ml into a glass over ice.
Option 2 – Cube and a Splash – as above, but with the addition of a splash of soda (or to
taste). Add mint and a slice of orange for additional finesse.
Option 3 – Terra Sancta Botanical Spritz – 1:1:splash – as above but with the addition of
60ml dry sparkling wine (Prosecco or similar).
Option 4 – Experimentation is encouraged – tell us your favourite recipe on Instagram
@terrasanctawine #TerraSanctaBotanical #TSBotanicalSpritz #spritzlife

Terra Sancta Aperitivo Botanical Harvest Edition (3)

PROVENANCE: The vineyards
of Terra Sancta and secret
spots around Central Otago.
SEASON: Autumn Harvest:
March – May.
BOTANICALS: Pinot Gris wine
base combined with a secret
blend of 16 botanical sourced
by Terra Sancta including
Kanuka, Horopito, Rosehip,
Elderberry, Yarrow, Thyme,
Sage, Hawthorne & Artichoke.
ALCOHOL: 18.5%
STORAGE: Due to natural
colour, store in a cool dark
place. Will cellar unopened for
at least 5 years. But why would
USE BY: For optimal
aromatics and flavour we
recommend refrigerating once
opened and drinking within
one month.


  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Amazing Aperitivo! Never tried anything as delicious as this and its’ all natural as well without added sugar or colouring agents.
    The botanicals are all native from the Terra Sancta property in Felton Road (Central Otago), which is the reason I get so excited about it.
    It’s not bitter as Aperol and it really speaks of Central Otago with red berries notes supported by some fresh thyme and wormwood. It’s hard to describe…you’ve gotta try it! I have blended it with Prosecco or Champagne, top quality tonic water and a slice of orange rind.

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