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Thomson – ‘Boxer’ Single Malt Single Cask Whisky

700 ml

Limited Edition Single Cask Single Malt – only 77 bottles were made

Tasting Notes:  Heavy wood, warm deep tannins, and light peat smoke.

Product specs:

Cask: Second fill French oak octave.

Malt: 100% NZ grown.

Packaging: Gift box with silver banner label.

Hand numbered label.

ABV: 46%

To celebrate flavour and craft, Thomson Whisky has collaborated with Boxer bar to release a limited edition single cask single malt.

This creative collaboration is brought to you by Pasture chef and owner Ed Verner, and head Thomson Whisky distiller Mathew Thomson. The pair have hand selected a cask of Thomson Whisky to share with you, under the simple title ‘Boxer’.

With flavour notes of heavy wood, warm deep tannins, and light peat smoke, it is an elegant whisky and in Mat Thomson’s words is ‘our best cask to date of that heavy French oak style’.

Matured for four years in a second fill French oak octave, the spirit boasts everything you would expect of a contemporary New Zealand whisky. Simple, unapologetic, with clear flavours that strike straight to the heart of the pallet.

Boxer, Ed Verner and Hillary Eaton’s bar space, is an offshoot of their highly acclaimed Pasture restaurant, and is a room where ambition meets flavour. No detail or process is spared in the 11-seat bar, where guests are served drinks made with exacting craftsmanship. With a small seasonal list of cocktails made entirely of spirits made in house or in collaboration with a handful of carefully curated distillers, ‘Boxer’ marks Verner and Eaton’s first collaborative whisky in the space.

Thomson Whisky is proud to join forces with Boxer for this limited edition single malt. Just 77 bottles have been produced, the contents of this single hand selected cask.


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Thomson Whisky

Thomson love what they do; making craft whisky for the modern enthusiast. After a few years mucking about on a home still and learning as much as we could about whisky  they began the Thomson Whisky project as Independent Bottlers. They got hold of a few barrels of aged single malt from Willowbank Distillery, Dunedin, carefully selected to their personal tastes, to launch under the Thomson name. They started telling people about their whisky, sharing a drink with friends, then bartenders, and shops and people travelling overseas and their project started firing. A few years down the road and things have changed a lot. They are now distilling themselves like mad out in West Auckland.


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