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Thomson Local Folk & Smoke Limited Edition

700 ml

A Limited Edition Single Cask Single Malt.

Local Folk & Smoke is made from 100% NZ grown malted barley, smoked using native Manuka wood, double distilled using our hand-beaten copper pot stills, and matured in an ex-Pinot Noir NZ red wine cask. There are just 127 bottles available over the release so we are lucky to have the opportunity bring you to.

Soft caramelised fruit, prunes, and coastal salt notes. A wave of stewed fruit reduction, building to a mild smoke and savoury mid palate. An oily and slightly smoky finish.

Cask: French Oak ex-Pinot Noir NZ red wine cask.
Malt: Manuka Smoke malt, 100% NZ grown.
Packaging: Gift box with silver banner. Hand numbered label.

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