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Tuatara Helluva Helles Lager

6 Pack 330ml



Forget burning fires of damnation, hell has been keeping Germans happy for centuries. Over there it means ‘light’ and is used to describe their traditional lager. But over here, ‘hell’ still means ‘hell’ – as in ‘hell yeah!’ So reach for this brew to round off one helluva day. Crisp and dry with a lengthy maltiness, it’s the light at the end of the tunnel.

After 16 years of producing our Helles lager, we felt it was high time it had a makeover.  Don’t worry, there’s no change inside the bottle, it’s still tasting pretty good to us.  But now the party on the inside is reflected on the outside. Welcome Helluva welcome.

Taste: Smooth, balanced lager with hints of lemon and a lovely bready malt.

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