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Glenfiddich Experimental Series Project XX

700 ml

An extremely interesting experimental release from titanic Speysider, Glenfiddich.

This whisky was created from 20 (XX in Roman Numerals) casks – each one hand chosen by one of Glenfiddich’s brand ambassadors. These casks all possessed different characters and properties, from rich sherry casks, to jammy port pipes, to brightly flavoured former Bourbon casks. What they all shared was an excellent quality of spirit.

Once chosen Glenfiddich’s malt master, Brian Kinsman, vatted them together to create a whisky of extraordinary complexity and poise. This whisky opens with cakey malt flavours and boiled sweets, before woodier notes take hold, followed by some marmalade and peppery chocolate. Classic ‘Fiddich flavours of apples and pears appear, with a light nuttiness and jammy raspberry note.


Perfect for sharing a dram or two with a close friend, this set is sure to be a hit with any ‘Fiddich fan!

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