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6 x 500 ml

With an even more refreshing taste, a new draft beer was born in the summer of 2015, the same year draft beer celebrated its 55th birthday.

The design incorporates the “red sun”, “blue skies”, and “navy blue seas” of Okinawa in the color scheme.


ORION DRAFT BEER offers mild taste and crisp aftertaste developed in the semitropical climate. It is invigorating, and yet has rich body that only beer can offer. It goes well with any dish, not to mention Okinawan cuisine, bringing out the best of each dish and stimulating appetite.


Foam-promoting protein, one of the components of foam, is increased during the brewing process to enhance the formation and retention of foam. The crispness of the beer contrasts with the rich creamy foam, making you never feel tired of the taste.

6 x 500 ml cans

Alcohol: 5%
Ingredients: Malt, hops, rice, corn, starch

$NZ 29.99

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